Credit: ‘ Striving for Disentanglement’ by Simon Greig —

Background: Disentanglement in Representation learning

On Thursday evening of the conference week, as I sauntered…

TLDR: They seeded their webscrape via REDDIT, the mother lode of all ideas tinderboxy and weaponizable. So, it will at the very least be a PR disaster if they release the bigger model. The smaller 117M is nasty as is sans the subtleties!

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One paper that I recommend my interns to read is Unbiased Look at Dataset Bias that has these awesome introductory lines:

Torralba, Antonio, and Alexei A. Efros. “Unbiased look at dataset bias.” (2011)…

A rant on collective amnesia and faux-ancientization of atrocities

Vinay Prabhu

PhD, Carnegie Mellon University. Chief Scientist at UnifyID Inc

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